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How do ratings, votes, views determine rankings?

A vote is equivalent to one viewers rating of a given performance.  You can rate as many performers as you want 1 time.   You rate a solo artist, band or songwriter on a scale of 1 star to 10 star’s based on your perception of an artists overall entertainment value, musical ability and originality.  Ratings (votes) are made by the public and the  panel of judges at Music Challenge USA, which then uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate up-to-date real time rankings. The primary goal for artists is to move up the rankings into the top positions.  

To get ranked an artist or band  must have at least 20 ratings (votes), otherwise they are in the ‘unranked’ category of Music Challenge USA until they  get to the 20 mark.  To prevent skewed results that might come from 20 ratings from friends and family members that might give an artist all 10’s, MSCUSA’s panel of judges also rate the musicians and other factors such as total # of views, average # of views, weeks on the site, total # of votes and average # of votes, also enter into the calculations to greatly reduce chances of skewed results.   MSCUSA’s computerized rankings are  not full proof, and we reserve the right to up date the system of rankings at any time.  
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