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About Music Challenge USA


Music Challenge USA is a dynamic and interactive music competition and social network site. It is the publics chance to interact with their top performers before they potentially become stars and to have a vote in the process. There is virtually no waiting to see who the most popular performers are!

Here’s how it works:

Up-and-coming unsigned musicians send their best video performances in categories of Bands, Solo Act and Songwriter, in over 15 genres of music. The musicians are then showcased and rated by both the public and music industry experts who work with Music Challenge USA . The ratings of each video performance are then put into a mathematical model that ranks them primarily in order of popularity. What is the goal of the rankings? To take the guesswork out of who has the goods to make it to the top of the musical heap! You the public are the ultimate judge and your ratings will help the world find the next great musician!

Rankings of the Musicians and Referral Credits to you the public:

Rankings change on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Top performers over the course of a year will have the opportunity to sign with a record label closely associated with the Music Challenge USA site. Refer a great performance and a great musician to the site and you will be credited with the discovery on the MusicChallenge USA. The ultimate page views of the musicians you refer will be calculated to see how many ‘views’ your referrals created. What is this good for? Who knows, maybe when the performer(s) become stars you’ll get free front row seats to their concerts for life. AND…we assure you we will let them know that you referred them to the Music Challenge USA site.

Connect with over 300 Social Networks. Yeah that’s right, over 300 Social Networks Internationally:

The site offers easy video upload capability focused on what you really love…good musical talent! Musicians can easily interact with their fans and send out their new material to over 300 social web sites. Yeah…that’s right, over 300 social networks world wide, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Aol, Google, Baidu and more. We’ve got them all connected ! It’s the publics chance to talk with future stars while they are still humble and before they hit it big.

Get connected now and sign up today!!

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